Extra Cold

How is Extra Cold served?

As smooth draught from the frozen column, tapped into a frozen glass.  Or from an ice-cold bottle or can straight from the Sub Zero fridge – cooled twice as fast and kept just above its freezing point.

What is the optimum temperature to enjoy Extra Cold?

Extra Cold beer should be served between -3°C and 1°C.

Does Extra Cold taste different to other Heineken beer?

Yes, it’s slightly lighter than regular Heineken, and served extra cold making it smoother, less bitter and easier to drink, with the same delicious Heineken taste.

Can every beer brand be cooled down to extra cold temperatures?

No, some beers are not high quality enough to withstand such cold temperatures and they will taste more like water. Premium Heineken beer retains its top quality, excellent taste so you can enjoy it extra cold.

Why order Extra Cold?

Extra Cold is chilled to zero for instant refreshment that lasts right through to the very last sip – so you can start fresh with every sip. It’s no ordinary beer, so it’s perfect for special occasions, and any time you need something refreshingly different.

What makes Extra Cold the choice for me?

Some people find the taste of beer too bitter. Extra Cold is chilled to zero for a smoother lager that’s easier to drink – perfect for cooling you down quickly and quenching your thirst when the heat is on.